Gratefulness is a direct path to increased happiness and lower levels of stress.


New research shows that gratitude alters our brain and, subsequently, shifts our reality and outlook on life. When we are grateful, our stress levels decrease, we sleep better, our relationships improve, and we experience greater levels of optimism in our daily activities.

Today, many of us are rarely truly satisfied with our circumstances or efforts, which then become a dark cloud hovering over our existence affecting our mood, performance, and overall health and wellbeing.  With time, we become less capable of seeing and appreciating the positive things in our lives. The more we live in this ‘subconscious’ state of dissatisfaction, the more unhappy we will become. As a result, we are unable to thrive in our work and personal lives, and we get caught in an unproductive spiral proving very hard to break. 

Rikke Østergaard´s inspiring and thought-provoking lecture on gratitude is based on her bestselling book Thank You!. She presents exclusive insights into the transformational powers of gratitude, and participants will learn simple methods to counter the negative focus hindering them to reach their full potential. The lecture also teaches us how gratefulness in companies and organizations can improve both the work environment and the relationship between employees and leaders.

When we are pleased with what we already have, we have the best starting point to create the life and the results which we most desire. We become better versions of ourselves as individuals, partners, parents, employees, and executives.

Reach your goal with gratitude