A crucial element of good leadership is the ability to make the right decisions.


Demonstrating advanced decision-making skills creates trust and produces the desired outcomes. It is not only vital that all leaders are comfortable in the role as confident decision-makers, but they are also responsive to good advice, constructive feedback, and counseling in the process. 

It can be a great challenge to find the right balance, which is why decision-making should be an essential focus area for all companies and organizations.

The consequences of executive decisions that are either overly vague or exceedingly rigid can be critical in relation to employee satisfaction, financially, and for the organizational structure as a whole. In addition to this, the credibility and competence of the leader is constantly at stake.

Rikke Østergaard confronts the classic management techniques in this lecture and challenges the participants with new progressive tools that offer food for thought and new tactics for decisive action. The lecture will explore valuable ways to build more strength in relations with employees, clients, stakeholders, the media and more.

Great leaders make great decisions!