Most of us in modern society are familiar with endless to-do lists, phone calls, emails, and a continuous overload of assignments distracting us from what needs to be done.


This causes our thoughts to race at a high speed, leaving us feeling mentally fatigued and unable to focus and concentrate.

Being online like never before with the constant disruption of digital services, it is important to know how and when to turn off all of the ‘inner and outer noise’. By doing this, we become more capable of being focused in the present moment and able to concentrate on one task at the time.

There is an abundance of scientific evidence on how mind training strengthens vital parts of our brain, thus making us able to act more consciously, rationally and not be driven by reckless impulses. It also provides us with greater cognitive capacity, effectiveness, creativity, and improves our relationships with others.  

In this lecture, Rikke Østergaard introduces simple exercises with a measurable positive effect on the body and mind. Participants will learn how to handle difficult decision-making with greater ease, and experience increased levels of gratitude and happiness in their daily lives. Mind training is like Xanax, but without artificial chemicals, and actively counters stress and stress-related diseases when practiced regularly.

The lecture combines ancient knowledge and traditions with the latest neuroscience, progressive sociology, and current studies on modern society. Rikke offers unique insights and information and skillfully takes mind training to a whole new level.

Mind training – Sharpen your focus and create results