Every day, stress and stress-related diseases are the cause of millions of cases of sick leave in organizations around the world.


Stress is not only affecting our health, but it also has a direct impact on our levels of productivity, our conflict resolution skills, and our creative problem-solving abilities. This is not only very costly for both society and corporations as a whole, but it is also devastating for our private and professional lives.

People generally tend to focus on quick fix solutions, which can prove valuable. However, without a fundamental understanding of why so many of us feel overwhelmed by everyday activities and are not able to meet the expectations of being capable of multi-tasking at work, we are unable to break the vicious cycle.

Rikke Østergaard examines and addresses the root causes of these issues on a societal level in her keynote on stress and stress management. Through a sociological lens, the participants will be offered unique insights into themselves and the broader context, which provoke stress in human beings. In addition, Rikke imparts concrete and simple methods about stress prevention for us to optimize the way we work, utilize the full capacity of our brains, and to experience far greater joy and wellbeing in our daily lives.