Positive sociology

| Positive (corporate) sociology is a new and progressive method to ensure successful interaction between people.

In contrast to positive psychology, where the focal point is the individual, positive sociology focuses on the group, society, and the workplace.

Our attitudes have an impact on others, much more than we realize. Negative attitudes and behaviors are contagious. Thankfully, so too is kindness and positivity. However, a single person will most likely struggle to maintain a good spirit if the rest of the department is down or in a foul mood.

We transmit stress to one another, and a group or a company can be successful by allowing gratitude and humor to be the contagious bug circulating among its people.

The best and direct way to strengthen productivity and to eliminate a negative working climate and stress is by implementing positive sociology as part of the work agenda. When a company has an overall uplifting environment, it will have a positive impact on all employees and make it possible for them to fully focus on their assignments and ultimately, find pleasure in going to work.

A comprehensive understanding of how we handle demanding situations collectively in corporations and society is vital. This is where positive sociology is a very powerful tool in conflict management and for development strategies on all levels.

In this lecture, Rikke Østergaard offers tangible examples on how we can dramatically improve our interactions, not only within the workplace, but in all social contexts. This way we also optimize our indisputably important social intelligence. The presented techniques are easy to understand, and participants can immediately apply them in their daily lives.

Rikke’s starting point is not only the more well-known psychological motives dictating how humans act and interact. She gives a 360-degree perspective on the social ground rules and the societal and corporate structures that play an important role in problem-solving, and when we wish to motivate drive and work satisfaction in the workplace.

Rikke delivers this exciting and educational lecture, which provokes the more established ideas of positive psychology and takes a big leap further to ensure that innovative solutions can be applied both individually and within companies for high-level strategy.

Positive sociology – the true key to success

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Rikke Østergaard is a trained sociologist who specializes in mental health and workplace well-being.

She is the bestselling author of several books relating to how to live our optimum lives with stress-free work life, high motivation, better collaboration, and higher job satisfaction.

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