Ehssan Sakhaee

University of Sydney

Rikke gave a fabulous talk to my project management class at the University of Sydney Leadership Faculty. Rikke is highly engaging and passionate and her enthusiasm resonated with my students throughout the session. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker, I highly recommend Rikke Ostergaard!

Louise Klemens

Project Manager, 3.dk

Rikke is an extremely inspirational facilitator who manages to take a complex subject and explain in a simple way so that everyone is involved. Rikke uses her knowledge of man to make teaching varied and alive. Knowledge of the brain is involved and testifies, Cases are based on the everyday life of the participants and create relevance in addition to a lot of good ideas that the participants can work on after the course. Clearly recommended.

Jackie Phillip

Attorney at Law, Jackie Phillip & Co. Law Firm

Rikke is a super skilled and professional intermediary! She always keeps up to date with the surrounding community and the students in general on a course day. Professionalism is always top notch when Rikke teaches, and although difficult to convey, she still manages to make the message simple and useful to everyone. Rikke is good at picking up on today's learning at the end of the day, giving the student something useful to take home. My warmest recommendations to Rikke.

Reg Raghaven

Chief Operating Officer at Red Elephant Group

Rikke's talk at the University of Sydney's Leadership Academy was outstanding. She covered theoretical concepts of neuroscience, the brain and how our evolutionary wiring impacts our day to day decision making. Her practical experience in a business leadership setting enabled global examples stimulating the whole room and leaving everyone wanting more.

Erik Danielsen

CEO, Wolford Scandinavia

We had 2 fantastic days with Rikke as a teacher, where consciousness came to light, and we learned how mental training can help on a busy day. At the same time wonderful to have the opportunity to be and remember to be grateful, based on the book THANK YOU! There was a great deal of thought from everyone in the team, with a finding that to remember the meaning and joy of being here and now

Aase Veronika Skov

Director, Danish Design Restaurants

Rikke has made keynote speaks for my company and has been my personal coach. She is an extremely inspiring person and has given me and my team some very valuable tools, to use in everyday work life, to create a happy, productive and focused work environment.

Helle Christoffersen

Customer Advisor, Sydbank

I have been on a course with Rikke both this year and last year and have brought home a lot of good techniques that I can use and that helps me in a stressful everyday life. I am particularly pleased with the journal of gratitude, which I have written every day for a year and a half. Rikke is a great teacher because she is so genuine and present. Her examples in teaching are easy to relate to, and the book TAK is easy to read and very useful. So THANK YOU for being there - I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her several times, and will be looking forward to next time.

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D

Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Positive Psychology

“Gratitude has been called “the secret to life,” “the key that opens all doors,” and the “most passionate transformative force in the cosmos.” In this brilliant new book, Rikke Østergaard explains why. Unlike some of the unreachable to-do list formulas for happiness that guarantee bliss in 30 days, 3 hours, 10 steps or 5 secrets, gratitude is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Dr. Østergaard shows how and why, in and often the personal and moving way, that gratitude is the best approach to life. When life is going well, it allows us to celebrate and magnify the goodness. When life is going badly, it provides a perspective by which we can view life in its entirety and not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances. Read this book. It will make you measurably happier, healthier and more grateful!”

Nicolai Eisenreich

Head of Communications at Bornecancerfoden

I have been trained by Rikke several times and had Rikke as a personal coach. Rikke is a very inspirational teacher who conveys complex material in a simple and useful way. She has given me really good tools that I have been able to use in my daily work.

Julie Marie Mabeck

Head of Editorial Staff, STV Production A/S

“I have booked Rikke Østergaard several times, both when I was at the Evening Show on TV and in my work at SMILfonden. Rikke is super skilled, very professional and can convey difficult material so it is easy to use in everyday life and start using immediately. I give Rikke my warmest recommendations! ”

Torben Birkelund Damsø

Team Leader, ICC

Rikke was a fantastic present lecturer who really has the knowledge and not least the background knowledge in place and knows how to share these without it ever becoming educational, better knowledgeable or I know more than you. Great balance between self-irony, enthusiasm, storytelling, and ability as well as involving us who listened - and listened. The basic studies behind this lecture are at an academically very high level, which Rikke was able to convey at eye level, with respect and own experiences. Gratitude is a big word - but also just try it, it works.

Anne Mette Bergelius


In connection with my board education in 2019, Rikke Østergaard taught several times on the course and was a censor for the exam. Rikke gave me a very useful insight into personal profiles, which is important in the composition of board teams and other teams that must function optimally. Rikke's insight into business sociology combined with her live teaching makes Rikke very alive to listen to - and also a whole day. Her focus on job satisfaction appealed to me a lot and seasoned with her happy and rewarding nature, the teaching days became so exciting. Looking forward to more training days and sparring with Rikke.

Henriette Nissen

Employee and Professional Politician, Midt Factoring

Rikke is absolutely amazing and has really sown some seeds with me on “my journey” She makes it simple both to be a good person and take care of herself ♥ ️. I am so, to see Rikke's lectures again, where she will visit my business.

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