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Mental Health and Social Intelligence

Human performance and productivity grow exponentially with the level of our happiness, balance, and quality of social relations. This is the cornerstone for professional and personal wellbeing and success. It is here the future’s change and progress happens. The right tools makes everything possible.

Rikke Østergaard

Rikke Østergaard is a Danish Sociologist, keynote speaker, advisor, and author of several bestseller books.
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Stress Management, Social Intelligence, Positive Sociology, Mind training, Gratefulness, and Leadership.
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Rikke Østergaard is a trained sociologist who specializes in mental health and workplace well-being.

She is the bestselling author of several books relating to how to live our optimum lives with stress-free work life, high motivation, better collaboration, and higher job satisfaction.

When booking Rikke as a keynote speaker or for a workshop, you will receive relevant, insightful, and practical knowledge presented in an engaging and interactive way.

All lectures and workshops are personalized and organized directly with you so that your individual and organizational needs are met in the best possible way.

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