Humans are social beings and fundamentally not designed for the individualistic form of social interaction and way of working that modern society motivates.


The art of being able to read others’ signals, to be empathetically present, and optimally fair in all social contexts is a skill not mastered by many. It is not often easy to detect in ourselves or in others, as it has become a general flaw in many of us. Those with high social awareness and social intelligence are generally able to create positive results while performing better at work and feeling a sense of satisfaction in their personal lives.

Rikke Østergaard passionately shares her one-off take on human social intelligence in this keynote. The participants will gain a deep insight into the mechanisms at play between people. Subsequently, the simple hands-on tools she presents are easy to incorporate into daily life and will assist in strengthening work-related and personal relations. This will create a positive impact on how individuals perceive themselves in relation to others, and therefore have the ability to completely transform companies and all human interactions, as success can sprout both individually and collectively.

Social intelligence – master the ground rules of life